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Licensed Promotions
Licensed promotions are designed to give you the opportunity to be ready to meet that market demand for licensed characters and increase your profit!

Seasonal Promotions
Ninja's seasonal promotions are our little way of making sure our valued customers can acquire the products they need for their facility or rental business when they need it most.

As the leading manufacturer with the largest in-time inventory, storage space becomes vital. When we need a little more room we have a blow-out sale and you win!

Stakes Special



Box N' Bounce

Sofia The First Combo C4

Dazzling Castle Jump (medium)

Little Builders

Pirates of Bermuda

Monster Roller

It's a Girl Thing Jump (large)

My Little Farm


Dazzling Castle Jump (large)

Inflatable Rolling Machine - 1500

Princess Palace

Fire Truck

Tangled Up

Treasure Hunt Island

Frozen Toddler Town 2

Hydro Blasters 2 - 4 station

Dazzling Castle A Frame 5 In 1 Combo

Palace Pets Jump (large)

Frozen 5 In 1 Combo

Module Challenge Rush

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 5 in 1 Combo

Frozen Slide with Detachable Pool

Safari Experience

Rock N' Roll

Raiders of the Lost Temple - Double Lane Slide

World Sport Games - Light Weight

Plastic Folding Chair - Kid - BRIGHT RED - 10 piece Pack

Resin Folding Chair - White - 4 piece Pack

Resin Folding Chair - Mahogany - 4 piece Pack

Heavy Duty EZ Handler Dolly (Wide,Pneumatic,4 Wheels)

Heavy Duty EZ Handler Dolly (Wide,Pneumatic)

Utility Tarp 8' x 8' - 25 piece Pack

Utility Tarp 8' x 10' - 20 piece Pack

Heavy Duty Storage Wrap

Storage Bag (large)

Safety Mat

Sticky Suit - Child Small

In-Flate IF-1.5 Blower ETL

In-Flate ETL (1HP/115V/25 ft cord)

Big Bear Vortex Fan BB-2 (

Sandbag Cover

50 ft. Extension Cord - ORANGE - 4 piece Pack