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Our bounce houses, slides, games are TC approved in state of New Jersey
State of New Jersey
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Our bounce houses, slides, games are TC approved in state of Pennsylvania
State of Pennsylvania
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Proudly Manufacturing in the USA since 1993
If you think Ninja Jump products are hot,
we're about to turn up the thermostat.

Licensed Promotions
Licensed promotions are designed to give you the opportunity to be ready to meet that market demand for licensed characters and increase your profit!

Seasonal Promotions
Ninja's seasonal promotions are our little way of making sure our valued customers can acquire the products they need for their facility or rental business when they need it most.

As the leading manufacturer with the largest in-time inventory, storage space becomes vital. When we need a little more room we have a blow-out sale and you win!

Prices are Below IAAPA Special Prices Guaranteed

Planes Combo C4

Yo Gabba Gabba Jump (medium)

Sports USA 5 In 1 Combo

Racing Fun Combo C4

Double Rush  - Left

Double Rush  - Right

Treasure Hunt Island

Curve Action

Batter Up

Dora & Diego 18C4

Yo Gabba Gabba C4

Bubble Guppies Combo C4

Double Rush  - 2 Parts

Tweety Interactive Bubble

Winnie The Pooh Jump (medium)

Hello Kitty 3D Combo 7

Racing Fun Combo 7

Dora & Diego Combo 7

Mickey Park Combo C4

Yo Gabba Gabba Jump (large)

Yo Gabba Gabba Combo 7

Monsters University Combo 7

Yo Gabba, Gabba 5 in 1 Combo

Boxing Gloves (Red, pair )

Heavy Duty EZ Handler Dolly (Wide,Pneumatic)

Heavy Duty EZ Handler Dolly,Wide,Pneumatic - 6 piece Pack

Heavy Duty EZ Handler Dolly (Wide,Pneumatic,4 Wheels)

Heavy Duty EZ Handler Dolly,Wide,Pneumatic 4 Wheel - 4 piece Pack

In-Flate ETL (1HP/115V/25 ft cord)

Resin Folding Chair - White - 4 piece Pack

50 ft. Extension Cord - NEON ORANGE - 5 piece Pack



Utility Tarp 18'x17'

Utility Tarp 16'x15'

Utility Tarp 38'x17'

Utility Tarp 22'x21'
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